How To Pay without Paypal

To complete your payment you either need Paypal account or Credit Card. (It is also possible to pay with debit card, please check below for more info).

1. Choose Payment method, fill the info:

What is CVV?
CVV is 3 number digit code, found on the back of your credit card:

2. Click "Complete Order" and you are done!


If you want to Pay with Debit Card (normal bank account card)/American Express:

1. Choose payment method: Paypal. Continue even if you don't have Paypal.

2. You will be prompted to "Log In" or "Pay with Debit or Credit Card". Click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card". 

(NOTE: If that button says Create an Account, then still click it, it will send you to Paypal Guest Checkout and you don't have to create an account.)

3. This will send you to Paypal Guest Checkout, this will not force you to create an account, you can simply enter your Credit Card details there:

4. Congratulations, it was that easy!